Trusting Yourself Is The Key To Simplifying

Dec 10, 2021



You’re probably feeling the collective shift we have been experiencing whether you’ve been aware of it or not, right?

I know that some of you have been feeling overwhelmed about all the information available around “self-development, personal growth, or spiritual awakening”. 

As a coach deeply committed to my own growth, I have a tendency to get paralyzed with the number of options in personal growth too. From mental, social, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth there are a million different topics and courses to explore.

However, it can feel like you’re chasing your tail around if you don’t know how to make confident decisions that are based on what YOU want!! 

Hence, it is critical that you learn how to trust yourself and learn how to identify your own desires FIRST. 

Breaking It All Down: The Decision Making Framework I Follow

You will be surprised by the number of women who don't actually trust themselves to make decisions. Before they know it, they are 40 years old and still identify as someone who “is bad at making decisions”. I hear it all the time. 

The reason? YEARS of not prioritizing yourself. That's why learning how to trust yourself is HUGE in shifting that story to “I am someone who confidently makes decisions that I trust and are in alignment with me”

To help, I would like to share a framework that I created to guide you to make powerful decisions. 

Start making decisions from a place of desire, alignment, and trust, and you’ll be shocked at the amount of IMMEDIATE purposeful progress you can make in your life with ease and joy! 

Click here to get my signature DECIDE framework. This is a simple framework that will help you feel confident in your decisions.

Print off the PDF and keep it as a guide. Even if you pick one of the steps to implement at a time, you’ll find yourself making decisions with ease in no time. 

Click here to get access to the framework and get some high-level clarity on how to powerfully make decisions.

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