Become a soul-aligned successful woman in just 12 months

….While living a life that makes you feel alive


Connect your ambition and lifestyle. Break free from unwanted expectations.

Make a positive impact while creating a lucrative income.

It's time to boldly create the path between who you are and who you desire to be.

If you’re searching for a sign to shift your career in an intentional way while making your dream life a reality, then The Bridge Mastermind is what you’ve been searching for. 

The Bridge is your connection between the ambitious woman inside you and the  desire to embody your purpose in your own authentic way.

This life-changing journey of connecting your soul, body, and mind is for you if…

  • You’re tired of feeling burned out
  • You want to do more impactful and meaningful work
  • You know that you were born to make a massive ripple

Experience an impactful and powerful 12-month program that will deeply root you into your highest self as you heal your nervous system and shift your mindset in a way that is authentic and true to you. 

Imagine a life with true freedom where you have the energy, time, and money to do what you truly want by building a sustainable flow of income.

My promise is you leave this program feeling [email protected]!n$ lit up about your life, with an unshakable belief in yourself, AND the confidence to make 6 figures by making the difference that only you can make! 


Where you are...

Chances are you’re an ambitious and high-achieving woman who has checked a LOT of boxes. You know how to get the job done, you’re a master multi-tasker who’s climbed your way to the top and despite adversity you seem to juggle it all… 


Despite your life looking shiny on paper, you may be feeling: 

  • Reactive, emotionally fried and like your nervous system is on overdrive ALL THE TIME.
  • Overwhelmed and numb like your life is passing you by while your external circumstances (job, kids, house, etc)  dictate your happiness
  • Frustrated by the constant day-to-day battle and sick of always coming last on your to-do list wondering where your needs fit into your life. 
  • Lacklustre and out of inspiration. You know you’re made for more but you’re unsure where to begin. 
  • Like you’ve hit a ceiling! You’ve outgrown many of the people in your life and you crave a community that can keep you accountable to actioning your dreams - unapologetically!
build your foundation with our breaking free virtual mastermind

What you desire...

Think of how badass it would feel to...

  • Shift your career in a way that's aligned with your heart? 
  • Do it in an intentional way filled with ease that isn't overwhelming or forced? 
  • Trust yourself to do business and life in a new way and not get stopped by fear? 
  • And to be in a community of bold women driven by impact and self-awareness


Imagine -  in less than one year from now you're confident fully expressing your professional gifts in a way that feels completely authentic to you. 

You're owning your power in a way you've never known before and using it to transform other people's lives. You have an intimate relationship with your intuition AND love yourself like never before!

You're living life on your terms and have a clear growth or exit strategy and you are beyond excited about the next chapter.  

    •  "I have been lucky enough to have had Melissa as a mentor, and a friend for the past 5 years. Melissa was the first person in my career who I truly saw as a coach, a guide, a mentor and a grounding force. She has taught me to ask questions, to tune into my intuition, to trust and listen to myself. I truly have never met anyone like her - her commitment to her personal growth, her business, to empowering women to find their voice and freedom is relentless. She absolutely has it all - and spends countless hours learning more, creating invaluable resources for her clients, the list goes on." - Claire Haggard 
    • "I left my full-time job because of the support and guidance from this woman - and now have a 5 figure business that's been building consistently over the last 5 years! I 100% would not be where I am in my business without her, but more importantly - I wouldn't be the strong, deeply feeling, capable, intuitive woman I am today without so much dedication and support from her along the way! Melissa, thank you from the bottom of my heart. For anyone out there feeling called to work with her - listen to that voice. Take the leap, she will undoubtedly help you build your wings and WAY more on the way down!" - Sara Thielsen"
    •  "A few months ago, I was working in a corporate job that was destroying my spirit and the toxic environment was causing stress, sleepless nights, and immense sadness as I felt like I wanted more. About a year ago, I had an idea of opening my own business, but the security of a stable job (even at a place that was not in alignment with my personal goals) felt like the safe, responsible thing to do. As my work environment became more difficult to reconcile with, I had started Melissa's BOLD program as a means to move towards the direction of my desire of opening my own business. I had no idea when I started in September that two months later, I would have the courage to resign from my corporate post and start my own company. - Jelina Sha

I hear it all the time "I'm tired of feeling burnt out and am ready to do more meaningful work that brings me joy."

The Bridge is the pathway to deeply knowing yourself so you can bring your unique professional gifts to life through an aligned career.


About Me

Hey, I’m Melissa Bauknight,

the founder of The Ripple Connection and a life and business alignment coach,  I serve ambitious woman ready to bravely pursue a career rooted in their purpose.

My career path began as an award-winning sales rep in medical sales - a dream come true (or so I thought). This job checked all the “what a job should be” boxes, including highly lucrative, autonomous, ego-boosting status, and the ability to climb the corporate ladder.

In 2017, I attempted to do it all – work full time, grow my side business with Beautycounter, heal my pelvic floor and birth trauma AND be an amazing perfect new mom! However, I quickly realized this left no space for ME leaving me feeling depleted, reactive, and lost.

Something was missing!

Outside I was crushing it, but I felt unfulfilled, anxious, and knew I was destined for a greater purpose.

Fast-forward through several giant leaps, neuroscience courses, deep-inner work, and taking many bold actions - I now live my life in/on purpose and am more at home in myself than I've ever been! 

You see, when you start to ask the deeper questions and truly tune into what you want with a support system that backs you every step of the way - your life dramatically shifts in ways you didn’t even know were possible!

I've helped over 400 women to bridge the gap between life on autopilot to infinite soul fulfillment!

I know this is possible for you too the moment you DECIDE you want more… 

What can I expect? 



The Bridge is a 12-month group mastermind with an option for 1 on 1 coaching for the ambitious woman ready to embody her purpose in her authentic way. She knows she's made for more and is ready to align her career with her dream lifestyle finally BREAKING FREE of the expectations that have bound her so you can actually thrive as a high-achieving professional woman with ease!

The Bridge is the ONLY program that combines simple micro-shift strategies with intuition rooted in neuroplasticity and embodied cognition so you can bridge the gap between life on autopilot to infinite soul fulfilment!

Because a strategy alone isn't enough to break old belief patterns and conquer fears. I’m all for an aligned and intentional strategy (and we will create one together called the BRIDGE blueprint) and I LOVE executing, however, a strategy alone doesn't... 

  • Teach you how to turn inward for answers.  
  • Teach you how to stop living for other people's expectations 
  • Address who you are being or how you are feeling while you're "doing".


  • It doesn't rewire your nervous system or bring awareness to the importance of your thoughts, behaviors, emotions, beliefs, or conditioning to actually be able to execute effectively with ease through alignment. 

The Bridge is a complete collaborative program that follows my signature 8 step framework and includes masterclasses and resources from my top 10 female professional and personal growth advisors. You are busy and likely don't have time to vet every person that it takes to build a business WHILE mastering your inner game.

8 Step Bridge Framework

Ground In: We first take a journey inward to build a solid foundation of self.

1. Create Bold Goals with Soul: redefine how you set goals through the BRIDGE framework

2. Reconnect with your True Self: remember who you are to unlock the potential that’s already within you 

3. Integrate your Feminine Energy: awaken your sacred feminine claiming new levels of power, pleasure, and presence.

4. Get aligned in your Whole Life: identify where you are not showing up as your true self 

Ripple Out: From there, what you do naturally ripples out of who you are.

5. Design your BRIDGE Blueprint: co-create a soulful business + life plan for the next 12 months

6. Implement with Intention: implement your soulful strategy through taking action on purpose and in purpose

7. Be a Bold Leader: be your future self today courageously challenging the status quo. Let your authentic self be seen and go make the difference in others you’re here to make.

8. Celebrate and Acknowledge: acknowledge the journey rather than the destination and celebrate the baby steps you’ve been taking to live in radical alignment

Listen below to hear what Sara's experience has been in my group & private coaching programs. 


Ground In

Module 1: Bold Goals With Soul

Redefine how you set goals through the BRIDGE framework. 

What You’ll learn: 

  • Lesson 1: Science behind setting goals and intentions
  • Lesson 2: How to set goals and intentions 
  • Lesson 3: Set your BRIDGE goals 
  • Lesson 4: Systems for success

Module 2: Remember to Untame

Continue the journey home to yourself so that you can live from your highest self rather than who you think you’re supposed to be!! You’ll begin to remember who you are to unlock the potential that’s already within you. 

What You’ll learn: 

  • Lesson 1:  How we become who we are
  • Lesson 2: Reconnect with your core values
  • Lesson 3: Your human design and soul mission
  • Lesson 4: Untame your wild woman

Module 3: Integrate Your Feminine Energy 

Awakens your sacred feminine claiming new levels of power, pleasure, and presence

What you’ll learn: 

      • Lesson 1: What are masculine and feminine energy
      • Lesson 2 Creating spaciousness
      • Lesson 3: Living in Flow
      • Lesson 4:  Your Body is Your Way Home

Module 4: Get Aligned in Your Whole Life

Identify where you are not showing up as your true self and begin to call back your power.

What you’ll learn: 

    • Lesson 1: What does it mean to live in soul alignment? 
    • Lesson 2: Whole life assessment
    • Lesson 3: What are you committed to
    • Lesson 4: Calling back your power 

Ripple Out

Module 5: Design your BRIDGE Life Blueprint

Co-create a soulful business and life plan for the next 12 months.

What you’ll learn: 

  • Lesson 1: Overview and potential roadblocks
  • Lesson 2: (WHY) Vision and mission 
  • Lesson 3: (WHAT) Map out your milestones 
  • Lesson 4 :(HOW) Break down into bite-sized action items (systems for success) 

Module 6: Implement with Intention 

Implement your soulful strategy by taking action on purpose and in purpose.

What you’ll learn: 

  • Lesson 1: Come from behind your action
  • Lesson 2: Start with visualization (zoom out)
  • Lesson 3: Simplify and Streamline 
  • Lesson 4: Release Attachment 

Module 7: Be a Bold Leader 

Be your future self today and courageously challenge the status quo. Let your authentic self be seen and go make the difference in others you’re here to make.

What you’ll learn: 

  • Lesson 1: What does it mean to be a bold leader? 
  • Lesson 2: Making bold requests
  • Lesson 3: The Power of collaboration
  • Lesson 4: Letting yourself be seen

Module 8: Celebrate the Journey 

Acknowledge the journey rather than the destination and celebrate the baby steps you’ve been taking to live in radical alignment.


  • 4 Hot seat coaching opportunities
  • Get interviewed as a featured member
  • Somatic movement support for trauma healing throughout the 12 months
  • Heavily discounted in-person events
  • Lodging and food for the annual retreat included
  • Signature cocao ceremony
  • The Bridge PDFs complement and enhance teachings
  • Life Alignment and BRIDGE Blueprint Workbooks
  • Unlimited Group Voxer access (a walkie talkie app) for on the fly coaching and support
  • A financial plan to map out your growth or exit strategy
  • Customizable tools, PDFs, templates, resources, and worksheets to implement the content

Soul Squad Access


I’m an actress, photographer, film editor, writer, producer, and healer. But it wasn’t until I found Human Design that I landed on the deepest expression of my purpose. As a 2/5 Generator on the Right Angle Cross of Service, helping others realize the fullness of themselves is my primary passion in life.

Human Design is the most comprehensive, practical, and self-affirming system I have ever discovered to actualize our highest potential. It articulates the unique perfection of who we are and validates our soul's purpose. Its practical wisdom connects you to your own inner guidance system, allowing you to shed your conditioning and come back to your authentic truth.

This practice has transformed my life, and I have witnessed time and again the way in which it does the same for each client I work with.


Hi! I’m Victoria. And I’ve been walking this intentional path to healing mind, body, and soul, for over 15 years. I’m an intuitive empath, alchemist, and spiritual awakening guide. I work with the principles of the Sacred Feminine wisdom that we can now see emerging back into the mainstream culture of our world. And I will support you to realize a deeper relationship with the innate power that lives in your body and your emotions. Through energy work, intentional visualization, and somatic process – breath, movement, and sound - you will remember how to open and trust your intuition, let go of your mind’s stories, and live with a feeling of being fully alive in your sovereign creative power. 


Dr. Allison Bickett received her PhD in Clinical Health Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and a Master’s Degree in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience from the University of Texas at Dallas. She presently serves as the Director of Behavioral Medicine Education in the Department of Family Medicine. She is responsible for Behavioral Health Integration programs at the three Family Medicine residency sites; supporting patient care in the inpatient and outpatient setting, as well as Diabetes and HIV clinics. Allison assists in developing and teaching the Longitudinal Behavioral Medicine curriculum; supporting and evaluating residents in the advancement of their mental health knowledge and clinical interviewing skills. Core facets of the Behavioral Medicine curriculum include motivational interviewing, active listening, and the outpatient management of mental health issues commonly seen in primary care. Allison’s research interests include the relationship between mental health and chronic illness, behavioral health integration, and mental health screening in the community.

Allison serves on several committees and taskforces to address physician well-being, and one of her passions in this area is the intersection of medicine and the humanities. She co-facilitates the Art of Medicine program, which is a unique collaboration between Atrium Health and the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, which allows physicians and APPs to explore important works of art and process the challenging emotions that arise from the practice of medicine.


MARKETING EXPERT: Katherine Tuominen 

Katherine Tuominen is a copywriter, marketing strategist and founder of Catalyst Brand Strategy, a boutique creative marketing agency dedicated to supporting conscious businesses owners tell their story in a way that gets remembered! 

With over 5+ years in media and marketing working for brands like; Fox Film Studios, and Warner Brothers she combines copywriting with strategic insights to create a captivating campaign. Her credentials include a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Melbourne, an Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management at RMIT University, Advanced Diploma Multi-Media Producing at Australian Film and Television School and Graduate Certificate in Platforms for Change program at Griffith University. 

Her work has been featured in Forbes and published in a mindfulness book "The Art Of Being Here And Now." When she's not supporting female-founders with their marketing she is guest lecturing at RMIT on Leadership & Culture and advocating for healthy workplace culture. 

She believes everyone has a powerful story that can positively impact the world, and meaningful change starts with a conversation.


For over 19 years, Julie Bailey has worked at some of the top global investment firms including Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and now UBS.  Julie focuses on financial strategies to help build and protect wealth while seeking to reduce tax consequences. She provides meaningful retirement advice for individuals, business executives and their families.  Julie specializes in working with clients who are going through significant transitions such as divorce, death of a family member, sale of a business, or retirement.  Julie performs family office services for her C-suite clientele.



Hi I’m Christina Miglino. My passion is to support spiritual visionary women who have already created A LOT, to drop the masculine hustle, do the deeper work of healing ancestral trauma so they can have a life of major impact with EASE. I have been working as an Energy Intuitive and Shamanic Guide for the past decade. 

It was only a few years ago that I was completely burnt out, exhausted, and sick, crying at my kitchen table about the fact that I had 5 jobs and I still wasn’t making money or having nearly the impact I knew I was meant to have. What I know now is how to trust my process. And go to the root of the pattern.

Here are some of my credentials since 2009: Over a decade as a shamanic guide and energy intuitive. Trained in Hypnotherapy, Buddhist Psychology, Advanced Energy Medicine, Advanced Shamanism, Insight Meditation, Attachment Theory, and Family Constellation Work. Created sacred success in the last 5 years, which means, not just money and people knowing who I am, but how to work stress-free, have the best relationships of my life, and see massive results in my clients' lives. Degree in Performance and 10 years of public speaking. 16 years of Personal Development & Transformation - I have mentored and supported the healing of thousands of successful women.


  • In person retreat (lodging and food) 
  • 2 day virtual retreat
  • Strategy session with my marketing team - marketing, branding, PR, copywriting, and more
  • 30-minute personalized human design reading 
  • Ongoing Human Design integration support
  • Somatic body and breathwork support from a master coach
  • Hot seat group coaching opportunities
  • Share your gifts through your own masterclass
  • Business Growth Support (strategy, launch, scale, raise capital, sales, etc)

Are you ready to be a hell yes to your business & life? 



There's a lot of power in a yes with zero risk...

I don't love the word "guarantee" but I do love setting intentions and making promises 🙂 . You can expect to get out of this what you put in. If you show up for the calls, participate in the voxer thread, and do the work outside of class, you will create massive results in your life

I promise you will feel supported, seen, loved, and that everything you desire is possible! If for any reason you don't feel this way, I will happily refund your money in the first 2 weeks. 


    •  Aside from Melissa's coaching advice, she provided countless resources including marketing/branding, finance discussions, Human design readings, and movement therapy as well as a safe, welcoming community, which allowed me to move forward with a dream and feel supported in my efforts.  I'm currently working towards a more fulfilling career.  I love that Melissa not only has the experience to change because she has been in my shoes, but she has such a passion and love for her clients.  She is always willing to listen with grace, kindness, and no judgement and offer guidance.  BOLD has helped me step into the possibility of meeting a higher calling that has always resided in me.  This program has helped me transition into a life that is more fulfilling and in alignment with my personal mission and goals.  I cannot thank Melissa enough." - Jelina Sha
    • "Life before Bold felt intense, chaotic, and like a daily hamster wheel. I felt reactive, emotionally fried and like my nervous system could never settle. I was drinking too much to "decompress", angry with my husband and kids' demands on me, and quick to think negatively. Life during and since Bold has dramatically shifted in that I now have tools to slow down, calm my nervous system, care for myself. I see myself as a priority and have learned how to set clear boundaries, letting go of pressures and feel into my body as to what's right for me. I can truly say I now live in an authentic version of myself, and have so much grace and patience for my self. I strive for ease in my days, and when I feel resistance, I step back. Incredibly counterintuitive for how I've lived my years, and its the most peace I've felt in years" - Kendra Underhill