The first step in any transformation is to allow yourself to begin to acknowledge how things are NOW and that it’s possible for things to change. If you’re already feeling a hell yes to having more confidence in 2021- Sign up below and receive my FREE “Own Your Power” Masterclass

Meet Melissa 

Melissa Bauknight is a life and business coach, the founder of The Ripple Connection and a top leader with Beautycounter. She values adventure, laughter and growth while being a bold community builder with a huge heart and dedication to self love. 

Melissa is deeply committed to guiding ambitious solopreneur women on a journey to live an abundantly aligned life on their terms with ease and flow. 



Option 1: Create Your Ripple Sisterhood

What it is: Create Your Ripple Sisterhood is a year long private coaching and mastermind program that is designed for the high achieving solopreneur who wants to reclaim her power so she can design an aligned life and business on her terms with more ease, harmony and abundance.

Option 2: Beautycounter

Who we are:  Beautycounter isn’t just a disruptive beauty brand, we are a movement for making the beauty industry better. We are a direct to consumer B Corp whose mission is to transform the entire personal care industry so that everyone has access to safe, transparent products.


"After losing my job due to covid, I felt like the universe was nudging me in a new direction. I knew Melissa through BeautyCounter and decided to join one of her calls about alignment. During that call, it was like she was talking JUST to me and where I was in my life. I signed up for a 1:1 discovery call right away. I had been struggling with how to get totally aligned in my work, how to structure my days and how I was spending my time, and how to really CREATE my life and not just react to it. Melissa and I worked together for three months and I saw massive traction not only in my own business but also how I approach my life overall. I just signed up for six more months of coaching because three months wasn't enough!! She's an incredible guide, coach, cheerleader, hardass, and comedian. She encourages me to discover who I am in new ways while providing a level of accountability I need to get stuff done. Saying I'm grateful for her doesn't feel like enough. Her coaching has helped me walk through these massive life changes with purpose and meaning!! Not sure where I would be without her!"

Sara Davenport
COO of Dandi Day

"Melissa is a treasure. With her big generous open heart and down to earth realness, she created a space that was both fun and safe for me to explore what’s truly possible. Before working with Melissa, most days were spent numbly attacking the “To Do” list (generated, of course, from external pressures) – not very fulfilling. For the first time in my life, I’ve learned to come home to myself first. Now, I nurture that relationship with myself, and trust what’s there. I’m making daily choices from a totally different awareness to consciously create a life that I love! One that feels whole and alive for me, one that has the space in it for everything that matters most. I have time for me, and time for my family too. I can already feel the impact that these changes are having on others. My connection with my daughters and husband are stronger and more joyous. What a gift! Thank you Melissa!"

Mitzi Swanick

"I don’t know how I won the jackpot in being able to work with Melissa. I created my business on an idea and a vision, but I struggled at first on how to hit those first key milestones. She helped me realize that it wasn’t all about doing "all the things" (which is important, don’t get me wrong!), but helped me see that belief in myself was key and was vital in connecting with other authentically. She has a unique way of asking questions that really gets you to dig deep into yourself - it is a very calming yet powerful tool to really start to get to know one’s self. She amazes me every day in what she is building for herself and her family. She is an inspiration in simply believing - believing in yourself and what is to come. She is patient, honest, and such a wonderful light in my life. I am so lucky to call her a dear friend and co-worker. She is one powerhouse of a woman who is just starting to come into her own and I couldn’t be more proud."

Kim HornbecK
Director with Beautycounter
Easy Clean Swaps

"Melissa Bauknight has been my rock in growing my business in all facets in the last 2.5 years. She truly is a coach in all of the best ways. She is smart, a good listener, knows when to meet me where I'm at and when to push me. My business never would be where it is today if it weren't for her guidance, commitment, and willingness. I've both learned a lot from her, and learned a lot because of her. I truly am forever grateful for our relationship, and would not be where I am today without her!"

Sara Thielsen
Well Beyond The Kitchen

"I met Melissa shortly after moving to Denver 4 years ago. I didn’t know anybody, had decided to start my business and was trying to make a go of it all alone. It was hard. Once Melissa began supporting me, not only did my business start to grow, but I was so much happier – happier to have support and direction, happier to be a part of a community, happier to have a friend who wanted to grow and expand and dream big. (not sure if you want that friend part in there for your website – so feel free to cut it ) It’s hard to put in to words all that Melissa has helped me to find in my life. With her coaching, encouragement, check-ins, help and guidance, I’ve been able to grow my business to a place I didn’t even think was possible. More importantly, I have (and continue to!) grow as a person, learning how to focus on what is important to who I am and what I’m ready to let go of. I know this is only just the beginning. Without Melissa, I honestly can say I never would be at this point. I didn’t even know how to dream of bigger. Regardless of where you are in life, I promise you, choosing to work with Melissa will help you to grow in to places you never knew existed."

Allyson Metz:
Director with Beautycounter


The first step in any transformation is to allow yourself to begin to acknowledge how things are NOW and that it’s possible for things to change. If you’re already feeling a hell yes to having more confidence in 2021- Sign up below and receive my FREE "Own Your Power" Masterclass

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