I am the vision holder here and am ready to set your soul on fire so that you can confidently make the difference you know you’re here to make!!

I’m a Life Alignment Coach dedicated to authentically and vulnerably sharing my experiences and knowledge as permission for you to step into your fullest expression. I attract high-achieving women who are done living life on other people’s terms and are ready to unleash their feminine power.

I ignite heart-led female leaders to embody their purpose and bravely design their business and life on THEIR terms. One of the ways in which I help women bring their dream business to life is through my signature path called The Bridge Mastermind. 

Early on, I checked all the boxes on my life goals list - achieving corporate success, marrying a loving husband, and starting a family.

Although I fulfilled these dreams, I still felt anxious and incomplete. But why? I knew there were untapped parts of my soul waiting to be unleashed.

I became curious and asked myself these questions:

  • What if I could earn a sizable income while making a difference by utilizing my gifts? 
  • What if I could have a different relationship with anxiety and trusted myself?
  • Could it be possible to have an abundance of everything - flexibility, adventure, support, meaningful work, money, and love?

I took the leap into myself and out of my corporate career and began a journey that completely changed the course of my life. Now I choose to live in alignment which brings me so much energy and joy. I’m so grateful I get to live a life that has me feeling truly alive. 

After supporting over 500+ women to step into the life of their dreams, I believe with certainty you can too.

Forget everything you’ve heard about doing “all the things”, checking off your massive to-do list, only valuing productivity or hustling till your body breaks down. 

You’re about to  discover how to combine strategy and intuition so you can finally live a life that makes you feel alive!

We Believe

  1. Be Courageous. Nelson Mandella said "Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it". Trust that when you keep taking the next right step, the full path will reveal itself.
  2. Embrace Authenticity. You are uniquely designed to make a difference that only you can make. Be who you are, not who people expect you to be.
  3. Community & Connection. Everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life and to know their unique voice, that’s why we pride ourselves on an inclusive community that fosters genuine connections. Get support in your big dreams every step of the way.
Work with us to boldly create the path between who you are and who you desire to be.