The Bridge Mastermind


We provide science-backed micro-shifts with intuitive healing so you can bridge the gap between ‘life on autopilot’ to ‘life in fulfillment!’

  • You’ve had enough of living your life through someone else’s version of success! You’re probably spreading yourself thin trying to do ‘all the things’ you’re ‘supposed to do’ and sick of being last on the list. 
  • You’ve tried every self-help book, cycled through coaches and off-the-shelf programs but nothing seems to stick and they feel generic or formulaic without the real accountability and connection that you crave. 
  • You’re done feeling burnt-out, overwhelmed, and exhausted - like your life is slipping through your fingers without clarity or purpose while you feel more than drained and lost than ever! 

It's time to boldly create the path between who you are and who you desire to be.

After all, this is your world.

YOU get to decide what makes YOU feel alive!

You know you’re made for more and you’re ready to align your career with your dream lifestyle so that you can finally BREAK FREE of the expectations that have bound you.

The Bridge is a 12-month group mastermind combined with 1 on 1 coaching for the ambitious woman ready to embody her purpose in her authentic way.  


The program deeply grounds you into who you are as your highest self before you were conditioned by societal pressures and limiting beliefs. This is a critical step before you ripple out with your impact. You build a solid foundation of boldly trusting and believing in yourself, becoming the master of your emotions, and taking bold intentional action.

Because such a powerful foundation is laid first, it results in a lasting shift in the way you relate to yourself.  From there, what you do naturally ripples out of who you and you actually thrive as a high-achieving professional woman with ease!


My promise is you leave this program feeling [email protected]!n$ lit up about your life, with an unshakable belief in yourself, AND the confidence to make 6 figures by making the difference that only you can make!

The Bridge is the answer to deeply knowing yourself so you can embody your unique gifts in your work.

We combine intuition and strategy rooted in neuroplasticity and embodied cognition since a strategy alone isn't enough to break old belief patterns and conquer fears.

We rewire your nervous system and bring awareness to the importance of your thoughts, behaviors, emotions, beliefs, and conditioning so you can execute effectively. 

The Bridge is a collaborative program that includes masterclasses and resources from her top 10 expert professional and personal growth advisors to bring accountability and complete support to step into a bold and abundant life! The best part of this program is it never ends - the ripple of the impact of the program creates a movement to inspire every woman to live on HER terms.


"The Bridge has continued to develop my understanding of sourcing from myself and refilling my cup.  It has given me great resources and information on starting a business and continuing to create a business.  It has introduced me to some amazing and inspiring women and provided some additional tools to connect with myself and what matters most to me".

Anne Neu



 Free Masterclass


 Free Masterclass


In this Success Redefined Masterclass you will learn:


Uncover your authentic self 
  • Unlearn societal conditioning to the root of who you are so you can live your purpose!

Learn a new (feminine)  model of living in alignment  - the BRIDGE model

  • Tune into your body’s inner wisdom to create trust within yourself to make powerful decisions!

Boldly become a values-driven leader 

  • Reconnect to your core values and why they matter so you can show up with confidence. 

Courageously embrace your authentic self and ALL your desires. 

  • Start calling back the power you've been giving away to others with simple tools you can apply today to craft the life of your dreams!
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