Dare to Decide!

How do you make decisions that are aligned with your values?

It's hard to know how to make the right choices for yourself and those around you, especially when it comes time to make big life decisions. You may feel stuck or overwhelmed by all of the options and opinions out there. Or maybe you're struggling with a decision because someone else has strong feelings about what should happen next.

The Decide Framework from The Ripple Connection helps you navigate through any major decision in your life by teaching you how to align with your own inner wisdom (your gut) as well as other people who matter most in your life. We show our sisters how they can trust themselves again, connect deeply with others, and live their best lives possible – for ONLY $11. 

My Framework teaches bold power-house women an approachable system based on practical exercises that we've used successfully in our own lives over the past decade.

It is designed so anyone at any stage of their journey can use this toolkit for making better decisions for their life. 






I am here to help you on your journey so that it doesn’t take you as long as it took me to figure it all out. It’s my commitment that you live a life that brings you joy, spaciousness, and impact!

During this study you'll discover:

  • How to check in with yourself.
  • Examine your options. 
  • Choose from Alignment. 
  • Conduct an intuitive check-in. 
  • Perform a body scan (hand to heart)
  • Energy analysis

"Melissa Bauknight has been my rock in growing my business in all facets in the last 4 years. She truly is a coach in all of the best ways. She is smart, a good listener, knows when to meet me where I'm at and when to push me. My business never would be where it is today if it weren't for her guidance, commitment, and willingness. I've both learned a lot from her, and learned a lot because of her. I truly am forever grateful for our relationship, and would not be where I am today without her!"

Sara Thielsen
Founder of Well Beyond the Kitchen

"Melissa is a treasure. With her big generous open heart and down to earth realness, she created a space that was both fun and safe for me to explore what’s truly possible. Before working with Melissa, most days were spent numbly attacking the “To Do” list (generated, of course, from external pressures) – not very fulfilling. For the first time in my life, I’ve learned to come home to myself first. Now, I nurture that relationship with myself, and trust what’s there. I’m making daily choices from a totally different awareness to consciously create a life that I love! One that feels whole and alive for me, one that has the space in it for everything that matters most.  Thank you Melissa!"

Kim Hornbeck 
Founder of Easy Clean Swaps

meet your guide

I am Melissa and I am here for the powerful woman ready to live in your purpose and fully honor the truth of who you are. 

After spending 15 years working as an award-winning sales rep predominantly in medical device sales, I decided to create a life in total alignment with my WHOLE self. Prior to that, on the outside I appeared to be crushing it, but on the inside, I felt unfulfilled, anxious and knew I was meant for a greater impact. 

My wake-up call came when I became a new mom and was attempting to "do it all" - working full time while building my side business, not asking for the support I needed, and getting completely rocked by motherhood. 

I trusted there had to be a way to live with more ease, flow, and fun so I retired from my corporate career to prioritize that. This lead to me breaking free of the productivity based worth story I had been buying into, and learned how to embrace my feminine energy.

Now I'm deeply passionate about guiding other ambitious women to do the same in their lives and businesses. You get to take care of yourself FIRST and have it all! 


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