Why You Might Still Feel Stuck

Dec 30, 2021

If things haven’t been working out for you in your attempt to trust yourself to make bold decisions, I completely understand. Because I have been you. 

You see, things were like this for me for years!

I believed I should stay in a “secure” job that wasn’t lighting me up because it paid well. This was blocking me from being able to see what was possible outside my blinders.

You’ll remember, I left my job once before and didn’t grow my business as quickly as I had hoped. I was nervous I would “fail” again. That’s the thing with viewing failure as something worth stopping you vs a learning tool...it can feel easier to let it end your quest for your dreams than to try again

So there I was back at work in my corporate job with a 1-year-old at home feeling like I might never get to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. I felt depleted and reactive and I knew there was a bigger impact I was made to do with my life.  I had a story that I didn’t have the energy or time to dedicate to my side job. 

I was stuck. 

Let me tell you why most people don’t end up actually leaving their energy-draining jobs or careers. 

  1. First, they are afraid to fail.
  2. Second, they don’t believe they are worthy of what they actually want to be doing or that there’s value in it.
  3. Third, they’re too “busy” to be able to dedicate any time to get clear on what they do want. 

And none of this is right or wrong, it’s just our ego doing its job to try to keep us safe and status quo. You are not alone in this - it’s incredibly common. 

Let’s work together and change things.

You might need someone to be your mentor to get the clarity, courage, and alignment to take the leap. I know I did!! 

I would be honored to be your guide. I have navigated all of these obstacles, and still, continue to do so as I elevate my life and business. I also have helped over a hundred women do the same. I know what it takes because I have walked in your shoes. 

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