Self Care Guide: 7 Ways To Love on Yourself

Oct 20, 2021

I’ve been focusing a lot on self-care in my life over the past several years - I’ve come to think of it as the most important thing in my life. There isn’t anyone who is going to have the ability to care for you like yourself. In the fall of 2018, I was so tired of feeling scattered and personally unnourished that I decided to really commit to loving myself. It can be easier said than done living a full life! (Note, I do not like using the term busy because how we spend our time is a choice and a reflection of our priorities!).

SO, let’s talk about some of my favorite ways to do self-care with intention, ease, and with safe products - meaning high on the reward spectrum and low on the hazardous to your health spectrum.

Now that I have made it a priority in this season of life, it seems my self-care needs to be uncomplicated and something that fits easily into my daily routine! 

1. Listen to a podcast or read a book:   What we feed our minds ripples through our entire lives!  This helps me either learn something new, get a laugh, or have a few moments to let the creative side of my brain get a little workout. Some of my favorite podcasts are Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations & Armchair Expert w/Dax Shepard. I tend to listen to or read a lot of books that help me understand human behavior, how to level up in my life, or lead others! Some of my favorites are Untamed, Do Less, The Body Keeps the Score, and Light is the New Black. 

2. A solid morning routine:  It feels cliche to say “wake up earlier”. You tend to either identify as a morning person or not...right? Well, I invite you to consider an alternative perspective. I have NEVER BEEN A MORNING PERSON. NEVER! 

In fact, I might be the last person I would ever expect to be waking up at 5:30 in the morning. However, I came to realize through an overly chaotic life that it was so important for my mental health to create an hour in the day FOR ME. 

a. Here's a strategy this author suggests to help you change this habit. 

b. Here's what I do: Do not hit snooze, Drink a glass of water, Meditate for 10 minutes with a guided meditation through the app Insight Timer, read my daily affirmation (which the book helped me create), read my why & goals and finally journal for 10 minutes including: What I’m Grateful for, Proud of, my Desires & what I'm committed to creating that day. 

3. Put on your (clean) makeup:  Sometimes the best way I care for myself and demonstrate I have my shit together, is to use my Flawless in Five routine! I love this routine because it comes together in 5 minutes (ok, more like 2:40 if I’m honest), it’s safer, and really does make me feel like a million bucks without all the nasty chemicals.

4. 2x a week facials:  I’m not talking about visiting your local spa and spending hundreds of dollars a week on life-changing skincare treatments (although I do love a good spa day).  I’m talking about my favorite at-home facial in a jar.  I love to call this “the miracle product”.  

It’s THE skincare product that changed my splotchy red, full of blackhead skin, and that I’d take with me on a desert island if I ever had to choose one. This is a peel that is SAFE and gentle yet works like a spa-quality peel. It’s made from 15 botanically-derived fruit acids as a leave-on overnight treatment that gives you magical baby skin. Dullness, Dryness, Age spots, Fine lines -  IT DOES IT ALL and without synthetic fragrances, PEGs, and formaldehyde-based preservatives commonly found in most peels, aka compounds you never want touching your skin. 

You can find 5 minutes 2x a week to do this!! 

5. Getting out in nature: Yep my favorite self-care tip is the simplest because all it involves is your shoes and actually walking out your front door. We moved to Golden CO 4 years ago to be closer to nature because it’s the thing that gets me calm and connected. It’s important to move your body every day for 30 minutes. Make it a priority because YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

6. Dance: As often as you possibly can. I do this every day either alone or with Jack! We put on a feel-good tune and get weird. It immediately changes my energetic state and brings playful joy into my life. Because our culture values being busy all the time, we tend to be disembodied. Intentional movement can curb anxiety, enhance your mood, allow you to feel connected to your body, feel safe to express your desires, and so much more. 

7. Write yourself a daily thank you note: It’s easy to overlook yourself when you think about what you’re grateful for. Say “Dear Melissa, thank you for _______, I forgive you for ______, and a note of encouragement or self-love”

There you have it friends, my top ways to work in a little self-care into your day!  

My invitation to you is that if something on this list resonates with you, find out how to incorporate it into your day. Just one thing - and I’m confident that the more you choose yourself each day, the easier it becomes to take the next step towards being your beautiful badass self.

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