Overcoming Your Fear of Being Visible

Jan 06, 2022

As I checked myself out in the mirror…I said to myself “I looked ridiculous!”

My face had zero makeup, my hair was a bit of a disaster, and I hadn’t practiced what I going to teach that afternoon to 40 women. 

And I didn’t even mind.

Because... I trusted myself! (and I use amazing skincare)

I finally took the leap and started my coaching business (outside of the coaching I had been doing in Beautycounter for 6 years). I finally said YES to the thing my soul had been calling me to do for years. 

Here’s a picture so that you can see that I mean business.

Just kidding that’s a picture my husband sent me telling me what I looked like on a date we went on this past winter… still makes me laugh.

Here’s how it started that day

Here’s how it turned out! 

The truth is, this is what going after your big scary goals looks like.

It’s not always pretty, and it looks pretty normal (whatever “normal” means) most days. 

And I’ve learned that it’s all part of the process. Our lives are about the journey NOT the destination

The process is messy. You aren’t going to always be at your best. You will need to leave your comfort zone multiple times over. AND you get to honor exactly where you are as if you’re right on time - because you are.

The sooner you learn how to overcome your inner fears that keep you from wanting to be visible or owning that you are valuable, the more you’ll become an energetic match for all the desires you’re calling into your life! 

I had to let go of my ego’s attachment to my big sexy medical sales career

I had to push forward towards my big vision even when my husband wasn’t on board (yet)

I had to lose some friends along the way who didn’t understand who I was becoming 

I wouldn’t change one part of my journey because everything had to happen EXACTLY as it did to teach me the lessons I have learned and to bring me to this exact moment today. It was all by design 

I’m here to offer to be your guide.

Let’s get visible and step into the purpose that we know we are here to create together.

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