Mission: Every Woman Boldly Go for Your Dreams

Jan 20, 2022

Here at Ripple Connection, we have a big mission that we feel strongly for.

  • This mission drives everything I do.
  • This mission keeps my soul + my business alive.
  • This mission is the reason I get up every day.
  • This mission is the reason I continue to take committed actions towards my vision.
  • This mission is my north star.

My Mission: To give every woman permission to boldly go for her dreams. 

Our mission to empower and uplift every woman to live intentionally in her feminine power came to be through discovering my own voice. It took me until I was 30 years old to realize that I was a woman who could move mountains. I was a woman who was put on this earth at this time to leave a legacy and it is my soul’s work to discover this within myself so that I can be the ripple for other women. 

I believe that this will allow women to rise up and claim the space we were always destined to claim. I believe that we will guide thousands and thousands of women to step out of their comfort zones and into the driver's seat of their life. And I believe that in doing so, we will positively impact millions of people’s lives through our collective ripple. 

We are a catalyst for a courageous living! 

We prioritize our impact more than our profits (although let’s stop pretending there’s something wrong with being abundantly successful) because we believe that leading with your highest value ultimately leads to financial success. 

We are different because we each are the leaders. We are the ones who go first. And we do it with sass, lightheartedness, courage, and massive impact. 

We are the game-changers. The ones who say “I am the one” and we make shit happen.

I believe that this gives you insight into the kind of business I intend to create and grow - one that helps people like YOU fulfill their boldest dreams. 

We are the connection that our individual ripples create - The Ripple Connection.  

Thank you for listening and being your ripple!

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