Revisit Your Goals With Me

Nov 04, 2021

2021 is almost over, and 2022 feels like it’s rapidly approaching.... which is absolutely bonkers to say.

Is anyone else feeling like time is flying by? ( Here’s an article on that!) 

For those of you who have been here since last year, I really appreciate your support!

I want to first share that I don’t actually believe in the traditional way that we tend to do New Years Goals. At all. 

To me, it’s often done in a way that reflects “something isn’t the way it should be and I have to fix it”. 

There can be so much “not enough” or shame at the center of goals and there also often isn’t an aligned plan to accompany it which is why they often fizzle out before the end of January. I’m not making this wrong for the record just sharing what I have found to be a more effective way of ACTUALLY having your dreams come true. 

For those of you still sticking to what you set out to do/be this year - bravo to you. My guess is that you have 5 key components to accompany your goals…. 

  1. A crystal clear vision
  2. An aligned path to get there
  3. Tons of support around your dreams/goals
  4. Trust & Commitment
  5. Unattached to “the how”

I have found that these 5 components are critical to staying the course! Personally, rather than setting New Year goals, I like to set intentions that are in alignment with a bigger vision pretty much constantly in my life. 

I look at it more as a way of life rather than something that happens 1 time a year. I set intentions annually, monthly, weekly, and daily. This ensures that as I grow, what I said I wanted is still in alignment with who I am committed to being. It also ensures that I’m either on track or need to pivot. 

Rather than feeling like I FAILED if I don’t hit a goal/intention, I use it as a point of reflection. 

I ask myself

  1. Was it realistic?
  2. Was it truly what I WANTED or was it something I thought I should do?
  3. What habits do I need to shift in order to make it happen (If I still desire that outcome)?
  4. Am I truly trusting myself and my guides?

So I’m reflecting on what I have said I am committed to this year and I wanted to share the top 3 with you.

1. After launching my coaching services last fall, the first big intention I set for this year is to support 10 coaching clients outside of my Beautycounter business…..and I blew past it and am at 18!!! This has been the MOST REWARDING work of my life. 

Guiding women to break through anxiety, rewrite their self-worth stories, help them transition out of energy-draining careers, and love & prioritize themselves on a whole new level (and so on) is the work I am here to do. I LOVE watching women learn to live out loud and break free of old stories that no longer serve them.  

Now I can see supporting SO MANY more women in my upcoming group programs. It’s amazing to show ourselves what’s possible and be surprised by how much bigger we can be! 

2. The second intention I set for 2021 was to master operating from my feminine. 

To me this means, 

  1. having harmony all over my life, 
  2. trusting myself at the deepest level, 
  3. not forcing or being attached to outcomes, 
  4. and allowing myself to be guided to create my soul work with ease. 

I haven’t “mastered it” (whatever that even means LOL) and I am really settling into this way of living more than former me ever thought possible. I can honestly say I will never go back to a toxic masculine way of operating!

3. The 3rd big intention for 2021 was that my family (John and Jack) were aligned in our vision for how we want to live.

What I can say is that John has officially decided to be his own boss and left his amazingly successful career in commercial real estate development at the end of May to chase his dreams. 

We spent 3 weeks in Costa Rica to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter of life. I am blown away by his commitment to identifying and prioritizing his core values and to trusting that the universe will deliver. We are now a location-independent family which has been our dream for over 5 YEARS!! 

That's us repelling down a massive waterfall!! 

We both believe in powerfully creating a life by our own design that’s aligned with our core values!!! Getting to this point has taken a ton of work, trust, surrender, and challenges. 

There’s nothing like sharing your goals with a powerful community like this to make sure I stay accountable and committed to my dreams!

What about you?

What were your top 3 desires for this year and how is it going??

It really makes me happy to know more about what your dreams and desires are.


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