5 Ways to Know You're Out of Alignment

Mar 03, 2022

I had no idea what alignment meant a few years ago...at least not in the way in which I understand it now. It's become one of the most important words in my life and I am going to share why and what it could mean for you. 

Let me first start by sharing what it looks and feels like when you are not aligned.

  1. Show up as a different person: If you look at all the communities you are a part of, you aren't showing up as the same person in all of them. You're shifting yourself to fit the box of who you think they expect you to be.
  2. You feel guilty:  When your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are not in alignment with your core values, you take action from a place of "I should...." and there is a constant chatter going on inside your head about what you think others expect of you. This leads to feeling guilty a lot!
  3. You are anxious and unsettled: Having lived decades with anxiety I now understand that a lot of my anxiety came from not understanding my values and who I am along with taking action from a place of trying to make others happy. That left me in a regular state of fear that I didn't always understand. I was afraid that I would get into trouble or that someone would find out that I didn't deserve the credit I was getting (imposter syndrome)
  4. You come last: You come first when you are aligned. This doesn't mean that you ignore everyone else's needs. It does mean that you strongly consider your own! If you are nowhere to be found in your list of priorities, this is an opportunity to get aligned. 
  5. Trouble making decisions: Do you identify as someone who has a hard time making decisions? You've probably forgotten what lights you up and don't trust yourself. This causes a lot of second-guessing and confusion. 

Here are the top ways I have found to get aligned

  1. Notice your thoughts
  2. Do a core values exercise
  3. Ask "what do I want" or "what would make me happy"
  4. Get curious about what it would look like if you felt truly happy and self-expressed
  5. Write out your ideal day
  6. Create intentions and goals that are based on what would bring you alive rather than what others expect of you
  7. Create space in your day for you
  8. Get quiet to listen to your soul whispers
  9. Say no 
  10. When you take action ask yourself "will this move me closer to my intention" 

Guiding women into alignment is at the core of my coaching and is the singular thing that brings them to a life that they truly desire - one that represents their soul. If you desire to get out of feeling overwhelmed and confused and into ease and clarity, this is the path! 

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