About Melissa

Life and Business Coach and Founder of The Ripple Connection 

Melissa Bauknight is a life and business coach, the founder of The Ripple Connection and a top leader with Beautycounter. She values adventure, laughter and growth while being a bold community builder with a huge heart and dedication to self love.  Melissa is deeply committed to guiding ambitious solopreneur women on a journey to live an abundantly aligned life on their terms with ease and flow. 

 She started out her career working 15 years as an award winning sales rep predominantly in medical device sales. This was a career she once dreamed about. It seemed to check all the boxes of what a job “should be” – it was highly lucrative, autonomous, gave her (ego) status and allowed for an opportunity to climb the corporate ladder

…..yet something was missing. 

On the outside she was crushing it, but on the inside she felt unfulfilled, anxious and knew she was meant for more.

In 2015 she began getting curious about herself and life in general and asking herself questions like 

  • What if life wasn’t just good, what if it could be great?
  • What if I didn’t have to live with anxiety forever? 
  • And, What if I could truly have it all? 

This set her off on a personal growth and spiritual journey which changed the course of her life forever. You could say she began the process of alchemy!  

Her wake up call came in 2017 when she gave birth to her son Jack, became a new mom and still was attempting to “do it all”. Meanwhile getting completely emotionally and physically rocked by motherhood. She knew she would always be committed to being a working mom but working full time in medical sales while building her side business with Beautycounter (with a team of over 300 women & men), and healing her pelvic floor trauma, didn’t leave any space for HER. 

She was depleted, reactive and honestly lost.  She remembers thinking, “Is this really what I want my life to look like?”  

Deep down she knew there had to be a more rewarding way to live so she dedicated her life to figuring out how. This journey led her to studying and learning about the importance of choosing our thoughts and beliefs. She also began harmonizing her relationship with her masculine drive, control and determination with her feminine nurturing, empathetic and trusting self. Ultimately, this created the possibility for her to confidently retire from her corporate career for good in June of 2019 and become a full time soulful solopreneur. 

Now she spends her days living in Colorado IN purpose and ON purpose – coaching women to break through limiting beliefs and step fully into their power, leading a Beautycounter team of over 425 women and men, and also finding plenty of time for herself, her almost 4 year old (hilarious) son, her husband and her friends & family. She has an abundance of everything and believes this is available for you too! 

Sun + Rising Sign: Libra

Human Design: Manifesting Generator

Enneagram: 7

Ultimate Purpose: High Priestess


The first step in any transformation is to allow yourself to begin to acknowledge how things are NOW and that it’s possible for things to change. If you’re already feeling a hell yes to having more confidence in 2021- Sign up below and receive my FREE "Own Your Power" Masterclass