Feel confident that you can achieve your 2022 goals with ease

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You're halfway through the year - have you brought your big vision for this year to life yet?

Chances are you started off the year feeling hopeful and inspired that THIS would finally be the year that you bring that big bold dream to life! 

You made a list of goals, set your new years resolutions, created a beautiful vision board and got organized for the year ahead.

Then life happened… 

Can you relate to any of this? 

  • You’re frustrated because you’ve tried everything - smart goals, vision boards and goal planners but you’re not able to stick with something consistently!! 
  • You feel an overwhelming sense of pressure thinking about your dreams. Then doubt set in - what if I can’t achieve this? What if I fail? What if I’m running out of time?
  • You’re a professional procrastinator! You keep yourself busy doing all the things on your to-do list and taking action on your goals is put on-hold for another month…
  • Life happened (which is always does)! You fell behind dealing with what was right in front of you  and you stopped looking at your goals. Those feelings of overwhelm, guilt and judgement crept back up….

If you’re experiencing struggle and resistance when it comes to setting & sticking to your goals, that’s ok! 

In fact, this is actually a good thing because it’s a sign that your goals truly MATTER to you. 

These aren’t just another thing to check off your to -do list. 

The vision you hold is something that sparks a fire in your belly and desire in your heart, it’s an indication that something deep down within you is ready to ignite! 


Hey, I’m Melissa Bauknight, the founder of The Ripple Connection and a life and business alignment coach,  I serve ambitious woman ready to bravely pursue a career rooted in their purpose!

In 2017, I attempted to do it all – work full time, grow my side business with Beautycounter, heal my pelvic floor and birth trauma AND be an amazing perfect new mom! However, I quickly realized this left no space for ME leaving me feeling depleted, reactive, and lost.

Despite having a huge vision, I kept it to myself and put it on the backburner because I was TERRIFIED of not meeting my own high expectations.  

Or worse.. 

What if I realized that this big dream of mine wasn’t actually all it’s cracked up to be?!

What if my wildest dreams do come to life and I’m STILL last on my to-do list, deflated and unfulfilled… 

So I kept myself small, I put off my goals for another day and another year slipped by... 

UNTIL I started to ask the deeper questions and truly tune into my deepest desires. 

Fast-forward through several giant leaps, neuroscience courses, deep-inner work, and taking many bold actions - my life has dramatically shifted in ways you didn’t even know were possible!

Now, I've helped over 400 women to bridge the gap between life on autopilot to infinite soul fulfillment!

I know this is possible for you too the moment you DECIDE you want more…

That feeling of fulfilment from having your deepest desires realized CAN become your reality….

That’s why I created this FREE Reach Your 2022 Goals Without Feeling Overwhelmed Masterclass! 


This 40 minute workshop will be all about taking a look at where you'd like to be by the end of the year and creating a fresh set of goals and intentions. We will integrate feminine principles to shift the way you go about setting and achieving goals!

​​​​​​​You'll find CLARITY around what you're going to accomplish by the end of the year, JOY in how to execute,  and feel CONFIDENT about bringing that big vision to life THIS YEAR!!

In this Masterclass you’ll discover how you can: 


Train your brain

  • ​​​​To achieve your 2022 vision - train your brain to value tag possibilities you might previously have missed.

Learn a new (feminine)  model of goal setting - the BRIDGE model

  • Ensure you stay motivated to pursue your goals because they are clear, intentional, and belong to you

Reduce overwhelm and create ease while stil achieving a lot

  • ​​​​​​​Create systems to help you implement with ease rather than with overwhelm and pressure

Set yourself up for success for the remainder of 2022

  • ​​​​​​​There's plenty of time left in the year to make big things happen. Let's get clear and focused.....and get into ACTION

This is NOT a set-and forget vision board that gets you excited but leaves you back at square one.  

We unpack the neuroscience of change that stems from the mind and body. 

You’ll receive micro-shifts you can instantly apply to create goal setting habits that stick! 






Dr. Anju Visweswaraiah of Pragma Family Medicine


Recently, in the throes of starting a new business, I was faced with an enormous opportunity that was both exciting and challenging. I immediately reached out to Melissa and decided to evaluate many of my questions in a 90-minute coaching session. I have done my own self-reflection work and therapy for many, many years and therefore I wasn’t sure how impactful coaching would be. What I came to find in this 90 minutes session was that professional coaching is quite different than a psychotherapy session or even talking to a friend, spouse, or relative. 

The goal-oriented, focused questions that Melissa asked helped me understand and uncover what my true motivations and aspirations were within my business endeavors. I arrived at the session feeling anxious and unsure about what to do and I left with a clear focus and direction for how I would make my decision. I am so grateful for Melissa and her wisdom. She has the capability of giving any woman powerful tools for reflection and decision-making. 

It’s time to stop putting your dreams on hold….

you matter so let's start living together!! 




Discover the science-backed way you can ACTUALLY achieve your goals for 2022 in this 40-minute masterclass!