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I am Melissa Bauknight, the founder of The Ripple Connection. I coach heart-led, high-achieving women to pursue a more fulfilling career path. I value adventure, laughter, and growth while boldly building community with a huge heart and dedication to self-expression.

My career path began as an award-winning sales rep in medical sales - a dream come true (or so I thought). This job checked all the “what a job should be” boxes, including highly lucrative, autonomous, ego-boosting status, and the ability to climb the corporate ladder.

Yet, something was missing.

Outside I was crushing it, yet I felt unfulfilled, anxious, and knew I was destined for a greater purpose. Curiosity took over in 2015, and I began asking myself some important questions:

What if I could earn a sizable income while making a difference by utilizing my unique gifts?

What if I eliminated my anxiety and started trusting myself?

What if I could have an abundance of everything- flexibility, adventure, support, meaningful work, money, love?

This reflection period launched my personal growth and spiritual journey led to life-change events.

In 2017, I attempted to do it all – work full time, grow my side business with Beautycounter, heal my pelvic floor & birth trauma AND be an amazing perfect new mom! However, I quickly realized this left no space for ME leaving me feeling depleted, reactive, and lost.

I began to study and learn about the importance of choosing my thoughts and beliefs. I connected my masculine drive, control, and determination with my feminine nurturing, empathic, and trusting self and thus began my career as a full-time soulful entrepreneur.

You’ll find me in Colorado living IN purpose and ON purpose, coaching women (and my husband whether he likes it or not) to trust themselves to bring their big dreams to life. I lead a Beautycounter team of over 400 people and have time for myself, my son, my husband, friends, and spontaneity.


Ripple Experience

16 years of award-winning professional B2B and B2C sales experience

2 time President's Club winner for top 10% in sales

Trained over 30 new sales reps in my corporate career

Ranked in Top 1% of 60,000 Beautycounter consultants

Lead a team of over 400 people at Beautycounter

Have created and lead over 100 workshops & events

Completed Landmark Worldwide core curriculum and 3 advanced courses

Landmark SELP Coach

Completed 6 months Divine Feminine Program

Reiki 2 Certified

Have completed over 10,000 hours in personal growth training


I serve ambitious woman ready to bravely pursue a career rooted in their purpose.

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