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I'm Melissa Bauknight

I am a vision and business coach and the founder of The Ripple Connection. I'm committed to helping women come alive and nurture their WHOLE selves! I guide women into alignment with their work and their soul.

I've spent 15 years working as an award-winning sales rep, predominantly in medical device sales.

My wake-up call came when I became a new mom and attempted to "do it all" - working full time while building a side business and getting completely rocked by motherhood. 

I knew there had to be a better way to live, so I retired from my corporate career and learned how to grow a soul-aligned business by integrating my feminine energy. 

The women I work with want to make 6 figures while making a difference in the world. Beneath that, they hold a desire for flexibility in their schedule, freedom to explore their creativity, to work in a way that feels aligned with their purpose and values, and to feel proud of the work they're doing.

They're committed to having an abundance of everything - time, money, community, love, and impact. They want to trust themselves to make decisions, know and listen to their intuition, manifest miracles regularly, and no longer live in fear or overwhelm. They desires to have a community of women in a similar season of life - making bold moves and breaking free of the stories holding them back. 

She desires to choose herself. To focus on her own needs. She desires to live inspired. 

I guide heart-led, high-achieving women to go from being burnt-out to become a hell YES to a life they love to live.

My coaching programs are for the ambitious woman ready to leap into her purpose with alignment. The Ripple Connection is a sisterhood that helps you create your powerful life with ease, flow, and confidence because TRC knows what it takes to balance it all! 



The Bridge Mastermind

A year-long mastermind that's a hybrid of private and group coaching created specifically for the impact-driven, high-achieving woman who is ready to fully step into her purpose. This group provides expertise, tools, collaborative community, and mindset support so that she can create or scale her soul-led business and do it on HER terms with ease, harmony, and abundance. 

1:1 Coaching

This is designed for the woman who's ready to commit to a plan to bring her business vision to life. She has a full plate already and therefore wants a high level of accountability, support, and flexibility.


Over the last 7+ years, I have grown a team of around 400 people while reaching the top rank of the company. With this experience plus my 16 years of professional sales expertise, I guide others on how to build their own successful network marketing businesses through connection, focused action, and commitment to their highest vision.


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Podcast Topics

  • Take the Leap: 3 steps to create a life by your own design
  • Staying committed to your vision: How to stay the course even when life knocks you down
  • How to have it all: Balancing being a badass in your career and being a mom
  • Your "Come From": Your intention matters more than your action



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The Ripple Connection is a sisterhood where its followers manifest their desires through radical alignment. Melissa supports you in owning your WHOLE self to fully step into your feminine power.

Melissa's clients and followers are highly engaged and often refer to her as their source of inspiration - someone they feel gives them the tools and knowledge they need to design and live their dream lives.

The Ripple Connection provides daily knowledge, tips, inspiration, and support to its followers through social media posts, live streams, newsletters, webinars, and masterclasses.



Who follows Melissa?

WOMEN 30-40s USA

Melissa's clients are growth-oriented women who have a zest for life and are ready to make an impact and transform their lives by being aligned in purpose.

Speaking Engagements

Mother Plus Podcast: Why Following Your Passion Isn't "Woo Woo" In this episode, we talk about how to: Get curious about what you desire, and follow your curiosity like breadcrumbs. Ask yourself: what is holding me back from doing what I want to do? Question your thoughts; interrupt the process; rewire. Why feminine energy is so revolutionary and why honoring ourselves is not "woo-woo"Your new motto; "I Matter."

Bricks&Clicks: Making Aligned Choices in Business and Life -  Melissa speaks with Bricks & Clicks host, Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin, about how to make aligned choices in our personal and business lives to assure we are life in alignment with who we really are.

How She Did It: Melissa Bauknight - Melissa talks with Lisa Limatta of Rise Leadership Circle on their interview series, How She Did It. She speaks about how she invested in herself to create multiple six-figure businesses while empowering other women to do the same. 

Create Your Ripple Series: Melissa Bauknight Interview - On the Create Your Ripple series, created and hosted by Melissa herself, Melissa is interviewed by Shazia Imam of The Life Engineer on how she came into herself to coach women on how to create a business and life they believe in. 

Successful & Relaxed Entrepreneur Global Summit: Melissa Bauknight Summit InterviewMelissa is interviewed by Angela Santi as part of the Successful & Relaxed Entrepreneur Global Summit. Melissa goes in-depth about how she embraces her power of femininity and applies it to the sales profession.


Thank you so much! I can't wait to collaborate!

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