Hi, I'm Melissa!

I had an abundantly successful (by society's terms) 15-year corporate career in medical device sales but got tired of feeling like I was stuck, unfulfilled, and made for more. So I went all in with a side business, grew it to reach the top of the company, and retired from my corporate career for good!

Because of my lived experience combined with extensive sales, somatic and mindset training, most of the women who come to me for coaching are also high-achieving and they know they're made for more. They usually are at a place in their career where they have achieved a lot but no longer feel fulfilled. The common thread is they are motivated by purpose and they desire to live a life fully alive with flexibility and alignment.

A key to making this happen is learning how to let your feminine "being" inform your masculine "doing" bringing intention into every aspect of your life. 

It's time to unlearn all the conditioning that no longer serves the powerhouse woman you're becoming and step fully into your light! 

"I believe that incremental shifts create a massive ripple that reaches far beyond your perception and taking ownership of your story exactly as it is, is the path to liberation. When you're clear about your authentic expression, what you do naturally ripples out of who you are"

What To Expect 

The Ripple Connection Community is for women who are dreamers. The ones who have a deep knowing that you are made for more and you are on a mission to live in your purpose and design a life you love! Being in this community is the access to stepping into your full power and expression. You have permission to stop living to meet other people's expectations and show up fully as yourself. We embrace you exactly as you are! 

I invite you to consider 2 questions:

How would it feel if you could fully trust and believe in yourself?

What would life look like if you answered that soul whisper that you've been feeling?

You can expect to bridge the gap between:

  • Looking outside yourself for answers → Turning inward
  • Surviving → Thriving
  • Feeling confused → Complete Clarity
  • Being afraid → being brave
  • Out of Balance → In 100% alignment
  • Masculine  → Feminine
  • Living in overwhelm  → Finding calm 
  • Stuck → Liberated
  • Insecure → Confident
  •  Seeking community  → Surrounded by support

Sara Thielsen

"I left my full time job because of the support and guidance from this woman -  and now have a 5 figure business that's been building consistently over the last 5 years! I 100% would not be where I am in my business without her, but more importantly - I wouldn't be the strong, deeply feeling, capable, intuitive woman I am today without so much dedication and support from her along the way!"

Jelina Shah

"I had no idea when I with Melissa that two months later, I would have the courage to resign my corporate job and start my own company.  Aside from Melissa's coaching guidance, she provided countless resources including marketing/branding, finance discussions, Human design readings, and movement therapy as well as a safe, welcoming community, which allowed me to move forward with a dream and feel supported in my efforts."

Kendra Underhiill

During and since working with Melissa, life has dramatically shifted in that I now have tools to slow down, calm my nervous system, and care for myself. I see myself as a priority and have learned how to set clear boundaries, letting go of pressures and feel into my body as to what's right for me. I can truly say I now live in an authentic version of myself." 


The Bridge Mastermind

The pathway between who you are today and who you want to become!

$997 per month

  • 6 month commitment paid monthly
  • 2 group calls each month lead by Melissa Bauknight
  • 1 guest masterclass per month
  • Access to the Soul Squad: 13 personal + professional growth experts
  • 1 60 minutes 1-on-1 call per month
  • Unlimited Voxer support
  • Access to The Bridge course and curriculum ($1997 value)
  • Somatic body and breathwork classes ($800 value)
  • Human design reading ($220 value)
  • Brand Strategy Membership ($150 value)
  • Marketing Strategist Consultation ($400 value)

1 on 1 VIP Coaching Upgrade

If you're ready to really take your life and business to the next level and desire a fully customized experience with added accountability. 

$1,500 per month

  • 6-month commitment paid monthly
  • Everything that's included in The Bridge Mastermind Package ($9,500 value)
  • Plus 2 additional 1 on 1 coaching calls per month