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Intentional Living

Intentional Living: Living On Purpose According To Your Values And Beliefs.

Are you living IN purpose and ON purpose?

If you don’t know the answer, here are some questions to help you discover it

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the everyday shuffle?
  • Are you feeling reactive to what’s happening?
  • Do you feel like you're actively showing up in your life?

The key to unlocking a hell yes life, is realizing you have a choice to live with intention in every moment and every day. It is this simple and yet it can feel so complicated! Choosing to live with intention is the access to having it all.  

If you want to wake up in the morning full of vitality and not drift through life unaware, then it’s time to decide what’s important to you.

Can You Relate?

I began my journey of intentional living 7 years ago, after learning that I got to choose my own thoughts and write my own story! I learned I could reprogram my mind (neuroplasticity) to be whoever I decided.

So I made the choice to not let my past dictate my future!

I started making small shifts in my day to day life like:

  • No longer consuming content that made me anxious
  • Swapping out the toxic products I was using in our home and on my skin to those that were clean and tested for safety
  • Taking time every day to do something that brought me joy.

These small shifts gave me courage for the bigger moments -  I learned how to not live with anxiety, left a career that wasn’t making the impact that I knew deep down I am here to make, and stopped sacrificing my own dreams!

Now, living with intention is as important to me as oxygen to my lungs. 

Here are some ways you can be intentional about your life

  • Get clear on what your core values are and decide how you are choosing to live
  • Have a plan that’s based on your clearly defined goals, in alignment with your core values, and supports your greater vision for your life.
  • Be deliberate about what you say no to and what deserves your yes
  • Choose to be responsible for your WHOLE life and choose how you want your story to be written


I believe bringing intention to these 4 areas of self will bring harmony to your whole live.


How do I feel about my overall vitality & relationship with myself?  This includes self-development, self-care, moving your body, overall health, nutrition, taking guilt-free time for yourself, managing your emotions & self-love.

Top 3 resources:



Do I feel like I’m sharing my strengths and gifts, have clear professional boundaries, and are living in my purpose? This includes your job, career, and overall financial health.

Learn what makes you unique 

Take the Leap Webinar ReplayFor high achieving women ready to live in their purpose. Learn how to:

  • Map out your ideal day
  • How to make confident decisions giving you energy and time
  • How to manage your calendar so you have more time for the things you actually want to be doing 

Having communities who understand you, who love you, and who you can turn to for support is instrumental in your success and happiness in life and in business. These communities can include your family, friends, business associates, hobby-related groups, etc

5 reasons why Community is Essential for Female Entrepreneurs:

One of my favorite Colorado based brand strategists, Jessie May, shares her tips on why you need professional communities and how to find the right ones for you

“The type of community I'm referring to today is different from one that you would create to grow your audience, such as a Facebook Group, email list, Meetup group, or anything along those lines. You find communities, like the one we're talking about today, in places such as masterminds, memberships, and accountability groups.”

5 Steps to Grow Your Local Community

Join a Networking Group: Find 1-2 groups that you can participate in regularly that have similar interests - this can be for personal or professional relationships.

These are my top 2 resources...

  • Polkadot Powerhouse Group: I have been a member for 2 years and I’ve neve experienced a group like this. They are a connection based women’s group that is more focused on relationships than getting something. “It is our mission to connect the world’s most positive, action-forward, amazing women to build lifelong friendships and business relationships.”
  • There is an abundance of communities to plug into here. Find a group that is active, has similar interests to you, and that aligns with your core values…..and SHOW UP. Participate and be someone they can count on.

Do you feel clear about your purpose? Do you have clarity in your life goals? Are you living in alignment with your core values? .

It’s important to identify the values and beliefs that are important to you and guide your life 

  • Create Your Vision + Release Control: How to choose a bold life and let go of control
  • How to Connect to The Divine Feminine: Learning to connect to my feminine energy and the divine feminine has completely altered the way in which I live my life. It’s helped me reclaim my aliveness, enhance my self-love, relax and trust, and root my self-worth in who I’m being not what I’m doing.
  • Soul Squad + Top Resources: This is the team of people who have helped me get to where I am today. I highly recommend each and every one of them! I have also included my top resources depending on which area of self you’re looking to develop.
  • How to identify your core values by Scott Jeffries

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