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The Bridge 


It's time to boldly create the path between who you are and who you desire to be.

After all, this is your world.

YOU get to decide what makes YOU feel alive!

The Bridge is a 6-month group mastermind combined with 1 on 1 coaching for the ambitious woman ready to embody her purpose in her authentic way. She knows she's made for more and is ready to align her career with her dream lifestyle finally BREAKING FREE of the expectations that have bound her. 

You'll deeply ground in before you ripple out resulting in a powerful and lasting shift in the way you relate to yourself.  You build a solid foundation of boldly trusting and believing in yourself, becoming the master of your emotions, and taking bold intentional action. From there, what you do naturally ripples out of who you are so that you actually thrive as a high-achieving professional woman with ease! 

My promise is you leave this program feeling [email protected]!n$ lit up about your life, with an unshakable belief in yourself, AND the confidence to make 6 figures by making the difference that only you can make! 



Think of how badass it would feel to...

  1. Shift your career in a way that's aligned with your heart

  2. Do it in an intentional way filled with ease that isn't overwhelming or forced? 

  3. Actually, trust yourself to do business and life in a new way and not get stopped by fear? 

  4. And to be in a community of bold women driven by impact and self-awareness? 


Imagine -  by the end of 2022 you're confident fully expressing your professional gifts in a way that feels completely authentic to you. 

You're owning your power in a way you've never known before and using it to transform other people's lives. You have an intimate relationship with your intuition AND love yourself like never before!

You're living life on your terms and have a clear growth or exit strategy and you are beyond excited about the next chapter.  



  • "I have been lucky enough to have had Melissa as a mentor, and a friend for the past 5 years. Melissa was the first person in my career who I truly saw as a coach, a guide, a mentor and a grounding force. She has taught me to ask questions, to tune into my intuition, to trust and listen to myself. I truly have never met anyone like her - her commitment to her personal growth, her business, to empowering women to find their voice and freedom is relentless. She absolutely has it all - and spends countless hours learning more, creating invaluable resources for her clients, the list goes on.

I left my full-time job because of the support and guidance from this woman - and now have a 5 figure business that's been building consistently over the last 5 years! I 100% would not be where I am in my business without her, but more importantly - I wouldn't be the strong, deeply feeling, capable, intuitive woman I am today without so much dedication and support from her along the way! Melissa thank you from the bottom of my heart. For anyone out there feeling called to work with her - listen to that voice. Take the leap, she will undoubtedly help you build your wings and WAY more on the way down! - Sara Thielsen

  • "A few months ago, I was working in a corporate job that was destroying my spirit and the toxic environment was causing stress, sleepless nights, and immense sadness as I felt like I wanted more. About a year ago, I had an idea of opening my own business, but the security of a stable job (even at a place that was not in alignment with my personal goals) felt like the safe, responsible thing to do.  As my work environment became more difficult to reconcile with, I had started Melissa's BOLD program as a means to move towards the direction of my desire of opening my own business.  I had no idea when I started in September that two months later, I would have the courage to resign from my corporate post and start my own company.

Aside from Melissa's coaching advice, she provided countless resources including marketing/branding, finance discussions, Human design readings, and movement therapy as well as a safe, welcoming community, which allowed me to move forward with a dream and feel supported in my efforts.  I'm currently working towards a more fulfilling career.  I love that Melissa not only has the experience to change because she has been in my shoes, but she has such a passion and love for her clients.  She is always willing to listen with grace, kindness, and no judgment and offer guidance.  BOLD has helped me step into the possibility of meeting a higher calling that has always resided in me.  This program has helped me transition into a life that is more fulfilling and in alignment with my personal mission and goals.  I cannot thank Melissa enough." - Jelina Shah

  • "Life before Bold felt intense, chaotic, and like a daily hamster wheel. I felt reactive, emotionally fried and like my nervous system could never settle. I was drinking too much to "decompress", angry with my husband and kids' demands on me, and quick to think negatively. Life during and since Bold has dramatically shifted in that I now have tools to slow down, calm my nervous system, care for myself. I see myself as a priority and have learned how to set clear boundaries, letting go of pressures and feel into my body as to what's right for me. I can truly say I now live in an authentic version of myself, and have so much grace and patience for my self. I strive for ease in my days, and when I feel resistance, I step back. Incredibly counterintuitive for how I've lived my years, and its the most peace I've felt in years" - Kendra Underhill 

I hear it all the time "I'm tired of feeling burnt out and am ready to do more meaningful work"

The Bridge is the answer to deeply knowing yourself so you can embody your unique gifts in your work. 


What can I expect? 

We combine strategy and intuition rooted in neuroplasticity and cognitive embodiment because as my clients and I personally have experienced, a strategy alone isn't enough to break old belief patterns and conquer fears. 

  • A strategy doesn't teach you how to turn inward for answers.  
  • It doesn't teach you how to stop living for other people's expectations! 
  • It doesn't address who you are being or how you are feeling while you're "doing".
  • And it doesn't rewire your nervous system or bring awareness to the importance of your thoughts, behaviors, emotions, beliefs, or conditioning to actually be able to execute effectively. 

The Bridge is a complete collaborative program that includes masterclasses and resources from my top 10 female professional and personal growth advisors because you are busy and don't have time to vet every person that it takes to build a business AND master your inner game.


Strategic Business Support (Masculine)
    • Get trained on sales and networking from a sales expert with 17 years of experience
    • Get clarity on the why, what, when, and how to make a shift in your career if desired
    • Create an aligned life action plan centered around your values + vision
    • Receive an audit of your marketing, systems, and processes  
    • Get tools and coaching to develop or audit your brand
    • Clarify the psychology of your ideal customer and how to attract them
    • Have access to the resources you need to start or scale your business (including help with raising capital)
    • Establish power partners for collaboration,  referrals, and / or additional affiliate income  
    • Create your ideal day and schedule and establish boundaries


Mindset and emotional support (feminine) 

    • Take ownership of your unique gifts through receiving a human design (HD) reading and having ongoing HD support
    • Have a somatic movement coach helping you heal past trauma through your body + breath throughout the entire program
    • Become excited and confident about the bold moves you are making.
    • You'll move beyond any fear or imposter syndrome stories keeping you in hesitation or from taking a leap
    • Trust yourself, your value, and feel confident in your ability to succeed and be a strong leader 
    • Navigate the conversations you need to have to transition out of your current role or gain the support to pivot your existing business
    • Get to know the soul of yourself and your business 
    • Build your worth through self-care and self-love
    • Create meaningful relationships inside the community of women all in a similar position offering accountability, love, and encouragement

Listen below to hear what Sara's experience has been in my group & private coaching programs. 






              In this first call, we begin to paint the bigger picture of your commitment to the impact you want to make in your life. Within that vision, are conversations around worthiness, self-sabotage, honoring your yes, trusting yourself and the path you’re on and SO MUCH MORE!

              We don’t waste any time and dive right in on the foundational distinctions that are instrumental in creating a whole life that you love! 



             The focus of session 2 is to continue the journey home to yourself so that you can live from your highest self rather than who you think you’re supposed to be!! One of the main components of BEING BRAVE is claiming your space. What I mean by “Your space” is finding your unique voice and trusting yourself to use it.

           Choose to break out of the box which your conditioning has put you in and you say no more to the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your fullest expression. 

           Our special guest training is from Christina Miglino, an Energy Intuitive and Shamanic Guide and the creator of The Mystery School of Intuitive Inteligence. 


Be BRAVE with your Yes



             A HUGE component of learning to make your yes holy again and honoring yourself is slowing down to create spaciousness. Slowing down can feel uncomfortable AF if you've had a lifetime of conditioning to be constantly busy. We are taught to be in a hurry to live - To complete one task and immediately rush to the next one.



           We often buy into the illusion of doing it all so we can be in control. This is ironic because the key to actually being in control is letting go. Surrendering is how you navigate out of overwhelm. Being committed to your goals and unattached to how if and how they get actualized is how you powerfully go after what you want in life. 

        Either you're interested or you're committed - it's time to find out what you are!

       Our special guest workshop is with Julie Bailey, an executive investment advisor. Julie shares



              When you take action, it's important that you take it from a place of alignment with your core values, your essence, and your human design. This brings intention into everything you do and becomes your north star.  

             The foundation has been laid over the past 4 sessions and now we get into action.


           There's a formula that you can follow to manifest anything you desire in life which we have been working through for the past 2 months together. 

          Session 6 will focus on powerfully learning to BE COLLABORATIVE and ultimately making bold requests of others that leave them inspired to take action!

          Our special guest workshop is with Jessie May, a brand strategist and founder of The Daring Fempreneur





           Call 7 is about The art of Enrollment. Enrollment is all about deeply connecting with others and is foundational to being effective in sales, business relationships, and in your personal life. 

          Our Guest workshop is from Marketing strategist Devonee Thaxton, Founder of ProSAvvy Strategic Performance Agency. 



           Our final call is a special ceremony to solidify the growth that you've achieved over the past 4 months. You will be celebrated and acknowledged for the brave goddess that you are! Beyond this, we will answer

Where do I go from here….

are you ready to be a hell yes to your business & life? 

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Here's what Claire got in the last program


There's a lot of power in a yes with zero risk...

I don't love the word "guarantee" but I do love setting intentions and making promises 🙂 . You can expect to get out of this what you put in. If you show up for the calls, participate in the voxer thread, and do the work outside of class, you will create massive results in your life.

I promise you will feel supported, seen, loved, and that everything you desire is possible! If for any reason you don't feel this way, I will happily refund your money in the first 2 weeks.